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May 2014


cover_In-A-Heartbeat_500x800In a Heartbeat by RJ Nolan
Published: May 2014

Veteran police officer Sam McKenna has no trouble facing down criminals on a daily basis but breaks out in a sweat at the mere mention of commitment. A recent failed relationship strengthens her resolve to stick with her trademark no-strings-attached affairs. Dr. Riley Connolly, a successful trauma surgeon, has spent her whole life trying to measure up to her family’s expectations.


cover_mac-vs-pc_500x800Mac vs. PC by Fletcher DeLancey
Published: April 2014

As a computer technician at the university, Anna Petrowski knows she has one thing in common with doctors and lawyers, and it’s not the salary. It’s that everyone thinks her advice comes free, even on weekends. That’s why she keeps a strict observance of her Saturday routine: a scone, a caramel mocha, and nobody bothering her.  So when she meets a new campus

cover_conflict-of-interestConflict of Interest by Jae
Published: April 2014

Workaholic Detective Aiden Carlisle isn’t looking for love—and certainly not at the law enforcement seminar she reluctantly agreed to attend. But the first lecturer is not at all what she expected.
Psychologist Dawn Kinsley has just found her place in life. After a failed relationship with a police officer, she has sworn never

cover_hearts-and-flowers-border_miniHearts and Flowers Border by L.T. Smith
Published: March 2014

A visitor from her past jolts Laura Stewart into memories—some funny, some heart-wrenching. Thirteen years ago, Laura buried those memories so deeply she never believed they would resurface. Still, the pain of first love mars Laura’s present life and might  

Coming-Home-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalComing Home by Lois Cloarec Hart
Published: March 2014

A triangle with a twist, Coming Home is the story of three good people caught up in an impossible situation.
Rob, a charismatic ex-fighter pilot severely disabled with MS, has been steadfastly cared for by his wife, Jan, for many years. Quite by accident one day, Terry, a young writer/postal carrier, enters  …more

Hidden-Truths-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalHidden Truths by Jae
Published: January 2014

“Luke” Hamilton has been living as a husband and father for the past seventeen years. No one but her wife, Nora, knows she is not the man she appears to be. They have raised their daughters to become honest and hard-working young women, but even with their loving foundation, Amy and Nattie are hiding